Here's some styles to get you going. 

If you need some ideas for backgrounds, Unsplash is a great free website. 

You can leave everything completely up to the artist if you wish, it's your choice.


 Please note, the quoted prices include the digital artwork only and do not include printing and framing. There will be a print shop attached to the delivery site of your digital artwork with a range of printing options available for your convenience.



Print Shop

There are indipendant printing and framing options available, links to other online printing and framing services are included at the bottom of this page where you can finish off your masterpeice to your specifications at a very resonable price. We can help with this process if you need it: . contact@artofwall.pictures

*this price is for the artwork only and not for printing and framing.

Created at A2 size resolution.

A4 Size

Easy to find a ready made frme for A4



*this price is for the artwork only and not for printing and framing.

Created at A3 size resolution.

A3 Size

This size is quite large on the wall but still easy to frame 



*this price is for the artwork only and not for printing and framing.

Created at photo size resolution.

A2 Size

Easy and cost effictive to print and frame



*this price is for the artwork only and not for printing and framing.

Created at 130cm x 90cm 300dpi size resolution.

X Large Size

Up to 130cm x 90cm



Links for printing and framing

THE CHEAPEST (but still looks brilliant)

Buy yourself a frame frome Kmart, they look great, have variety in colour and are super cheap, even large frames (eg: A1 frame with an A2 insert) are around $20.

Here's a link to what they have to offer.

While Kmart also has a print shop I haven't used it , so I can't vouch for it,  I use Officeworks, where an A2 print will cost $15 on a (matt) material called Tyvek or on photographic paper for about the same price. You could also choose canvas for a little more.

Take your picture and tape it into your frame backing and for around $35 plus the cost of me creating your artwork you have quite a large, personalised peice of artwork ready to hang.  Not bad.


If you want someone else to do the printing and framing, there are some very convenient printing and framing services available. Google will help you out here but below are a few suggestions.

Fameshop is an Australian owned one stop shop. They have really useful online tools to help decide printing and framing options.

Frames Now seem to be very reasonably priced, has free printing with some framing options.

Canvas Printers have some good deals on large canvas prints and also have free delivery.


When you recieve your artwork you can simply use the print shop attached to your personalised delivery website. The print shop does framed or unframed, on canvas or as a poster and variety of other mediums.

If you need help with any printing and framing options, we can help. Please don't hesitate to call or email.